Mammal Atlas

The Mammal Atlas of North-East Scotland and the Cairngorms was published by NESBReC in 2017. It is a fully-illustrated atlas that maps the 43 mammals that have been recorded in Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City, Moray and the Cairngorms National Park using 77,592 records from 1,472 observers from all over the area and beyond.  The total area covered is 11,629 km2, which is around 15% of Scotland’s land area.

It tells some fascinating stories of the many amazing mammals found throughout North-East Scotland, including the recovery of red squirrels, the recent significant spread of pine martens eastward to the outskirts of Aberdeen, and the discovery of a new bat species for the area.

The information gathered is depicted in distribution maps for 43 mammal species covering the time periods from 1960-2000 and 2001-2015. Each map is accompanied by a photograph of the mammal and a short account of its ecology, conservation and status, in both the local and British Isles contexts. The book also includes information on mammal habitats, species conservation and analysis of distribution patterns.

The book can be ordered directly from NESBReC for anyone paying by cheque. Unfortunately, we cannot accept other payment methods.  The cost is £15 plus £2.61 (2nd class) postage and packing for each book.  Cheques should be made payable to: NESBReC, Aberdeenshire Council. See our contact page for NESBReC’s postal address.

The book is also stocked in these outlets across our area: Aberdeen – Waterstones; Aviemore – Waterstones; Bennachie – Bennachie Centre; Dunphail – Logie Steading Bookshop; Elgin – Waterstones; Glenmore – Cairngorm Reindeer Centre; Huntly – Orb’s Bookshop.




Bats Carnivores Ungulates Insectivores Lagomorphs Rodents Seals

Brown Long-eared Bat
Daubenton's Bat
Leisler's Bat
Natterer's Bat
Nathusius’ Pipistrelle
Common Pipistrelle
Soprano Pipistrelle

American Mink
Feral Ferret
Pine Marten
Wild Cat

Fallow Deer
Red Deer
Roe Deer
Sika Deer
Wild Goat
Feral Goat

Common Shrew
Pygmy Shrew
Water Shrew

Brown Hare
Mountain Hare

House Mouse
Wood Mouse
Bank Vole
Field Vole
Water Vole
Brown Rat
Grey Squirrel
Red Squirrel

Common Seal
Grey Seal
Bearded Seal