Commercial Users

NESBReC offers a range of data services to its commercial users. Data searches can be tailored by choosing from the following items. A specification of buffer size is also required, e.g. 100m, 500m, 1km, 2km etc.

If you believe your request is of a non commercial nature please click here.

For general guidance, based on prices having been revised on 1st April 2023, searching from a central point with a certain search radius would be charged as follows (all prices EXCLUSIVE of VAT):

500m – £106; 1km – £158; 2km – £212; 3km – £267; 5km – £318; 10km – £424

However, please note that these are only guidelines and depend on the complexity and any specific requirements of the requested search. We will provide you a quote for any search based on your particular requirements.

  • NOTE: A full standard data search includes all of the items below apart from All Species. To send us a data query please complete and return the Data Request Form (see panel).
  • Notable Species: Records of any species with European and UK designations, as well as species
    included in the Scottish Biodiversity List, Locally Important Species and Invasive Non-native Species.
  • All Species: All species records held, including common and widespread species. Note that this will be more expensive due to the amount of time to process all of the data for all species.
  • Selected Species: Records of selected species as specified by the user.
  • Statutory designations: National Nature Reserve, RAMSAR, Site of Special Scientific Interest,
    Special Protection Area, Special Area of Conservation, National Parks
  • Local designations: non-statutory designations such as Local Nature Conservation Sites
  • Habitats: A variety of habitat datasets ranging from national studies to locally commissioned surveys
    such as Integrated Habitats System (IHS) habitat survey data and Phase 1 habitat survey data.

Enquiry Procedure
Once we have received your Data Request Form, we will contact you to discuss your data search request and provide you with an estimated cost for carrying out the work. Alternatively, telephone us directly on 01467 537221 to discuss your requirements.

Charges for Data Search Reports
NESBReC does not charge for the data but an administration fee to cover the staff time in processing the data request. Each data search is assessed individually and will be costed accordingly. The size of the search area is usually the main factor involved – the larger the area, the more time it takes to carry out and compile the data search. As noted above, searching for all common species also increases the charge due to the large amount of data that needs to be processed.