Please send us records of all wildlife species that you see and can confidently identify. If you are new to recording, please do read to the foot of this page before submitting your records.

If you are already confident about the details we would like you to record, please send in records using our online form or by downloading our excel spreadsheet or casual wildlife recording form.

Every record is important. While rare species may be more exciting to find, it is very important to record common species too. All records help to build up a more comprehensive understanding of the natural world in which we live, and can help ensure that decisions, which may affect habitat and species in the North East of Scotland, are made with the best available knowledge.

We require four basic pieces of information for each record:

  • What – The name of the species. Common names or preferably the scientific name e.g. Sciurus vulgaris (Red Squirrel), so as to avoid confusion.
  • Where – The location of the sighting. A good description of where you saw it. If possible, a 6-figure grid reference would also be very helpful, e.g. NJ567243, as well as a name of the nearest location which is shown on an Ordnance Survey map.
  • When – Date of the record, ideally written as dd/mm/yyyy.
  • Who – Name of the recorder. If someone else helped you with identification or confirmed your record please send us their name too.

Any further information that you collect may add to the value of your record e.g., habitat where you found it, numbers or abundance, dead or alive, male or female, stage of life cycle its behaviour, or anything you think may be relevant. If the data is confidential please let us know.

Please note that by submitting any records to NESBReC you are agreeing that we may share your records (including the recorder’s name) with other organisations and users for the benefit of the conservation and understanding of species and habitats, not just in North East Scotland, but in the wider context of the UK. However, we do not share any personal details, such as email addresses, with any other organisations.